My name is Hannah Stogsdill. I am the founder and creative director of Toast and Tiger, a design and marketing agency located in the Washington D.C. area. Toast and Tiger is a full support team in brand strategy, print design, web design and development, content creation, SEO and digital marketing. I’ve brought together this amazing collaboration of trusted and skilled professionals to transform design problem areas into strategic and smart solutions that make immediate connections with your customers. My agency exists to help businesses and organizations engage with their customers and become a greater success.

I have worked in the field of graphic design for 14 years, and as a creative director for 6 years. I majored in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (01). Design has always been a passion for me. I find it greatly fulfilling to be able to bring clear functionality and simple beauty through thoughtful design. As a creative director, I am able to steer clients and collaborative efforts into a unified vision that communicates a strong brand message throughout their marketing needs. My range of study and work experience include brand strategy, creative direction, web design, social media marketing, book design, exhibit design and stage design. My design portfolio is multi-dimensional, covering fine arts, jewelry-making and photography.

I am wife to a brilliant and loving husband who works in the aerospace industry. We love eating korean food, hiking and kayaking together, and watching Korean dramas. Only one of us is ethnically korean! We own two adorable and quirky maltee-poo brothers who make us laugh over new things every day. 


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